What is

Bene•FISH•Al™ is a novel set of natural methods, including beneficial microorganisms, probiotic bacteria and natural compounds that are used in water treatments for all type of aquaria. Products with the Bene•FISH•Al™ seal (shown at the left) have one or more of these natural methods and are 100% natural.

"Enhanced by Bene•FISH•Al™" are green alternatives to common products that contain chemicals, antibiotics or other substances that do not qualify as being green for the environment nor 100% natural.

On this page, we explain the basics of the major ingredients in our
"Bene•FISH•Al™ products.


Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, without bacteria we wouldn't be able to keep fish alive in tropical fish aquaria. Nitrifying bacteria are one example of the importance of bacteria. Without these bacteria, ammonia and nitrite concentrations would quickly build-up to toxic levels in the aquarium and the fish die.

Another important group of bacteria in aquaria are the ones that break-down sludge. These bacteria help keep substrates clean and reduce organic concentrations in the aquarium water.

DrTim’s Aquatics One and Only Live Nitrifying bacteria contains only living nitrifying bacteria. One and Only is used to accelerate the establishment of a fully functioning biological filter and eliminate new tank syndrome (NTS). NTS is the name given to the build-up of ammonia and/or nitrite in newly set-up aquaria because there aren’t enough nitrifying bacteria to remove the ammonia produced by the fish added to the new tank.

Some types of nitrifying bacteria products by other companies do not contain any nitrifying bacteria at all. Rather they are made with enzymes or non-nitrifying bacteria and do not work to quickly establish a biofilter in a new aquarium.